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Takeaway Menu


Pappadoms £0.50
Spicy Pappadoms £0.60
Chutney & Pickles £0.50
Cucumber Raita £2.00


Thee Pakora
Cornflower and sesimee seed coated chicken breast or mixed vegetable, served with salad.
King Prawn Nila
A whole king prawn cooked in shell with garlic, tomato and goan spice

Prawn Puree

Delicately spiced prawns served on a thin fried bread (£2 extra for King Prawns)
Sheek Kebab
Minced lamb gently spiced and grilled in tandoor
Chicken Or Lamb Tikka
Lightly spiced and chargrilled in the tandoor
Tandoori Chicken
On the bone spiced chicken cooked in tandoor
Bombay Chat
Warm strip of chicken breast served with a thin fried bread
Spiced minced lamb or vegetable encompassed in a pair of triangular parcels
Duck Tikka
Spiced duck cooked in a tandoor
Tandoori King Prawn
Tiger prawns with a hint of garlic and mild spices
Taza Lamb
Tender lamb chop braised in Panjabi spices
Mixed Starter
Chicken, lamb tikka and sheek kebab
Mixed Hors D'oeuveres
(for 2 persons) chicken, lamb, king prawn, onion bhajee, samosa and pakora
Monkfish Tikka £6.20
Salmon Tikka £5.50
Onion Bhajee £3.20
Assorted Starters
Veg or non vegetarian (for 2 person) onion bhajee/pakora/samosa

Chef's Unique

Sylheti Lamb Chops
Selected cuts of lamb seasoned with Bengali spices and cooked with papaya and coconut cream. One of the dishes prepared at the International Curry Chef of the year 2005 in Edinburgh

Jaipuri Tiger Prawns
A hot yet delicate dish with three whole king prawns chargrilled in their shells

Kadahi Murgh
Succulent pieces of chicken tempered with pounded coriander, black peppers and red chilli, simmered in a tomato base sauce finished with pickling spices and saffron
Sylheti Fish
Bengali fresh water fish. Cooked wtih pounded coriander, black peppers & simmered in a tomato base sauce

Kadai Paneer
Pan Fried paneer with chef's special recipe 


Traditional Favourites

£2.50 extra for king prawn, £1 extra for prawn
Vegetable £5.50 Chicken/Lamb/Prawn

Medium hot also available in madras, vindaloo, and phall strengths
Very mild with lashings of cream and coconut
Mild with lychees and banana
Dry medium spicy dish
Medium with spinach
(inc Pilau Rice)
Sweet, sour and hot sauce
Medium with tomatoes, capsicum and garlic
With plenty of onions fennel & coriander
(inc Pilau Rice)
lashing of lentils, eastern spices, madras hot
Madras hot with coconut


Adha Gosth
A medium lamb dish cooked with garlic & ginger


Plain Rice £2.40
Pilau Rice £2.50 
Lemon Rice £3.50
Peas Rice £3.50
Egg & Onion Rice £3.50
Mushroom Rice £3.50
Special Fried Rice £3.50
Keema Rice £3.50
Chilli Rice £3.50


Paratha £2.40
Roti £2.40
Nan £2.40
Keema Nan £2.50
Cheese Nan £2.50
Peshwari Nan £2.50
Garlic Nan £2.50
Chapati £1.50
Vegetable Paratha £2.50

Set Meals

For One Person Thalis
Vegetable Curry, Pilau Rice, Onion Bhajee and Nan. Served with any two of the following: Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Tikka, Naga Lamb, Korma, Masalla/Chicken/Lamb/Prawn only.
For Two Persons Sajan
Pappadoms, Tandoori Chicken and Sheek Kebab, Chicken Korma and Lamb Rogon, Cauliflower Bhajee, Niramish, Plain Nan and Rice.
For Three Persons Binoy Delux
Pappadoms, Onion Bhajee, Sheek Kebab and Prawn Cocktial, Butter Chicken, Chicken Jalfrezi and Lamb Rogan Bombay Aloo, Mushroom Bhajee, Mushroom Rice and Pilau Rice, Keema Nan and Peshwari Nan.
Binoy Supreme
Chicken Tikka and Prawn Puree, Chicken Tikka Massala and Chicken Passanda, Sag Aloo, Special Rice & Keema Nan
Pappadoms, Chicken Tikka & Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka Massala & King Prawn Bhoona and two vegetables, Rice and Nan.


Cooked with a basmati pilau rice and served with medium hot separate vegetable curry
Chicken Or Lamb Tikka £10.50
Tandoori King Prawn £12.50
Mixed Biriani £11.50
Chicken Or Lamb £9.50
Vegetable £8.90

Tandoori Delights

Marinated in yogurt with special herbs cooked to sizzling perfection in the tandoori clay oven, served with salad

1/2 Tandoori Chicken £7.90
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £7.90
Chicken/Lamb Shaslik
With Capsicum, Onions And Tomatoes
Tandoori Duck £11.50

Tandoori Mixed Grill
Mixture of chicken, lamb, sheek kebab, tandoori chicken/nan 

Tandoori Monkfish £13.20
Tandoori King Prawns
Tiger prawns with a hint of garlic and mild spices
Tandoori Salmon £10.90
Duck Shaslik £10.80
King Prawn Shaslik £11.50

House Specialities

Served With Pilau Rice Available With
Chicken £11.50 I Lamb £11.50 I Duck £12.50 I Salmon £12.50 I Monkfish £14.50 I King Prawns £12.90 | Vegetable £8.50 I Lamb Chop £11.50


Mild Dishes

Rich masalla sauce prepared from home made yogurt, almond and aromatic fresh spices
Mild sauce with coconut cream, honey, pistachio and tossed in ghee

Very subtle mild dish with cream and apricot sauce

A mild sauce with yoghurt, cream, cashew nuts & exotic spices. 

Mild with cream & butter 

Medium Dishes
Spicy but no chilli strength

A host of spices in a rich tarka base sauce with an abundance of capsicum and onions. Medium hot.
An excellent blend of onions, capsicum, plenty of plum tomatoes, extra coriander, fresh spices and tamarind create this immensely popular dish
Medium hot dish with Indian pumpkins spiced with fennel, dill & lemon leaves
Green Chicken
Medium dish with mint leaves & garlic speciality made green sauce
Fresh Bengali citrus fruits producing a mouth watering tangy flavour
Medium dish cooked with cashew nuts
Hot Dishes
Hariali Chicken
A hot yet delicate dish with chef's special recipe

Mirchi Salan
Caramalised onions, coriander & tomato sauce 

Spicy dish with roasted mustard seed sauce and red dried chillies
Chopped fresh green chillies, onions, peppers and ginger with exotic indian spices
Fresh Bengali bullet chillis, roasted cumin seeds & other wonderful flavours
Crushed red chillies, coriander seeds, potato and yogurt sauce
A hot preparation of onions, tomatoes, ginger & garlic. Tempered with red chillies


Side Dish· £3.50 - Main Dish £5.50

Mixed Veg Curry

Cauliflower Bhajee
Bombay Aloo
Begun Bhajee
Spiced Aubergine
Sag Aloo
Spinach and Potatoes
Tarka Dal
Garlic & Lentils
Matar Panir
Peas with cheese
Dal Samba
Vegetables with lentils
Pumpkin Bhajee

Aloo Begun
Potatoes and Aubergines

Mushroom Bhajee
Sag Bhajee
Bindi Bhajee
Fresh Okra
Chana Bhajee
Spiced chick peas
Aloo Gobi
Cauliflower and Potatoes
Dry spiced vegetables
Sag or Gobi Ponir
Spinach or cauliflower with cheese
Chana Sag
Spinach and chick peas

Children's Menu

Chicken nuggets and chips or Fish fingers and chips served with fried mushroom, tomatos and peas £6.50


Served with chips, peas and tomatoes

Plain Omelette £4.50
Mushroom Omelette £5.00
Chips £1.50

Soft Drinks

1.5 Litre
large selection available